Allows you to modify the terrain in runtime with a simple view, using unity ui and terrain api.

Unity Terrain is a great tool but in runtime we don't have a built-in solution to modify the terrain.

Don't loose your progress, serialize your terrain at runtime! Save and load your map files easily.

This package is a simple terrain editor works in runtime(play mode), built with unity ui components and Terrain API.


  • Save and Load your terrain at runtime. Small file size with gzip compression.
  • RTS camera movement
  • Raise, lower, flatten, smooth, paint, object placement modes
  • Undo/Redo
  • Map size options
  • Example brush, paint and objects provided
  • Easy to use/modify, Scriptable Object based settings file


  • This is not a complete solution for a level editor. It aims to demostrate runtime capabilities of terrain with simple controls.
  • Works for only a single terrain. Multiple terrains are not supported.
  • Serialization works by saving terrain size, heights, splats map(texture informantion) and tree instances information(not actual mesh model). 
  • To load properly, the terrain must need same set of textures, trees, etc. in same order.

Available on Asset Store

Also, I used this project as a base to create my own sandbox application, Map Sandbox.

Tags3D, terrain, tool, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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